4 Things That You Should Never Use On Your Hardwood Floor

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If you have planned to go with hardwood flooring for your home or office then it is very important for you to know about the right way to maintain it. A little care would help your hardwood flooring to last longer. And apart from caring, there are a small number of things that you should also avoid using on your hardwood floor, as these things will surely damage your investment.

Most people really do not know what is right and what is wrong for their hardwood flooring. Therefore, they try a number of things on it just to make it shinier. However, the fact is that look and shine is temporary, and thus these efforts can actually work to adversely affect the texture of your hardwood floor.

Following are the 4 things that you should never use on your hardwood flooring.

Use of Different Cleaners

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Never ever try just anything on your hardwood floor as it will damage it. Most people think that a floor cleaner that is good for any other type of flooring is also good for hardwood but it is really not true! Ammonia which is known to be the best cleaner of marble, badly damages hardwood flooring when it is applied on it. Similarly other ordinary floor or household cleaners can also damage your hardwood flooring to a large extent. Therefore it is highly recommended that you contact your hardwood flooring manufacturer in order to know the right products that can be used to clean your hardwood floor.

Use of Dusting Products

Never use dusting products on your hardwood, as such products are brittle and may damage your hardwood flooring by leaving scratches on it. It is highly recommended that you buy a hardwood flooring dusting product or a simple dry mop will be good enough.

Use of Wax

Most people use wax on their hardwood flooring to give it an extra ordinary shine. However it is considered a bad idea if your hardwood floor has a finishing of Urethane or any other glossy finish, as the wax will simply finish your hardwood floor shine instead of enhancing it.

Washing Hardwood Flooring

This is the most common mistake that most of the people do; washing your hardwood is surely a worst idea to go with. It will greatly reduce the life of your hardwood floor and will completely destroy it. You might need to replace that section of the wood permanently. You can use a slightly damp mop on your hardwood floor but never wash it with water or extremely wet mop.

Using such products for cleaning hardwood floor is surely a bad idea as it might give you a temporary shine but will damage your hardwood permanently. All you have to do is to avoid such products and use the hardwood flooring manufacturer s recommended products, as he knows what is good for your hardwood flooring and what is not. All these small things will help your hardwood flooring to look good for many years to come.

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